Who Plays


It is 7 on 7 co-ed (boys and girls) Competitive flag football fairly split into separate divisions. The first division will be 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, and 5th & 6th grades. Placing is based on the upcoming school year, so if your child is in 2nd grade now and going to be in 3rd grade in the fall, they would be playing with 3rd-4th.

What is Iowa Flag Football


Eastern Iowa Flag Football League is powered through NFL Flag. It is not through any school or organization it's its own entity. We are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa however you do not have to live here to be part of the league.

Why We Play


This league was started to teach kids different aspects of the game other than running the ball. Your child will be taught to throw, catch, how to play and read defensive coverages, and most importantly teamwork and sportsmanship.

When We Play


There will be an 8 game regular season and the total wins and losses will determine the team's seed for the Playoffs all teams make the playoffs. The Playoffs will be tournament style single elimination. The final two teams of each division will compete in their own Superbowl. The winning teams of each division's Superbowl will receive a trophy and individual Superbowl Rings.  

Where We Play


All games will be held at Lower Kingston behind the ice arena on Saturdays from morning to afternoon. Practice times and schedule will be based on the coaches as they are volunteers. Practices will be held at different Cedar Rapids Public Schools based on the high school you select your child will be attending. 

Cost to Play


The sign up fee is $75 per player which includes a reversible jersey for home and away games, NFL socks, and custom shorts. Team registration is $780 for 12 players we would provide all practice equipment, location if needed and jerseys, shorts and socks Insurance is provided to all players at NO EXTRA COST.