Who Plays

It is 7 on 7 co-ed (boys and girls) Competitive flag football fairly split into seperate divisions. The first division will be 1st and 2nd grade kids, there will be a 3rd  4th and 5th grade division as well.  

What is Iowa Flag Football

Eastern Iowa Flag Football League is a non profit organization. Partnered with NFL Flag Football to bring more exposure to kids that love the game of football. 

Why We Play

NFL Superbowl Flag Football Ring

Sports and teamwork provide essential life skills for our youth. Building our season during the summer puts time between school years to great use

When We Play

There will be an 8 game regular season and the total wins and losses will determine the team's eligibility for the Playoffs. The Playoffs will be tournament style single elimination. The final two teams of each division will compete in their own Superbowl. The winning teams of each division's Superbowl will receive a trophy and individual Superbowl Rings.  

Where We Play

All games will be held at Lasalle Middle School (same location the Cedar Rapids Sweet Corn Festival is held every year). Games will be Saturdays. 

Cost to Play

The sign up fee is $50 per child which includes a reversible jersey for home and away games and NFL socks. Footballs and practice equipment will be provided for coaches.